An important part of oral care is having a dentist in Nailsea carry out professional dental cleanings. It has been proven by study after study that a person cannot enjoy long-term physical and mental health without paying close attention to dental health too. This is because there is an undeniable link between what happens in the mouth and the general health of the body and mind.

Problems in the mouth begin when harmful pathogenic bacteria rise to overwhelming proportions threatening tooth and gum health and then invade the deeper recesses of the body via the bloodstream.

It becomes of the utmost importance to keep firm control over bad bacteria in the mouth to limit the damage they can cause, and one of the most effective ways to do this is with routine dental cleanings at the dentist in Nailsea.

At our Nailsea Dental Practice, we offer a multitude of dental treatments and procedures geared to protect dental health and function so that patients can enjoy their sunny smiles for life. Here are more reasons why we encourage patients to have their teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist in Nailsea.

How do professional dental cleanings contribute to health

The major aim of professional dental cleanings is to rid the mouth of bad bacteria. It is these bad bacteria that bring about unwanted dental conditions such as halitosis (bad breath), cavities, inflamed gums and gum disease.

By preventing gum disease, dental cleanings inadvertently help patients avoid tooth loss. This means they get to keep their beautiful smiles for longer.

Bad oral bacteria identified in the development of gum disease have been also found to clog vessels and arteries, raising the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Another benefit of keeping gums healthy with professional dental cleanings is that the heart and lungs are kept healthy too.

This may not be a direct health benefit but by having a dentist carry out dental cleanings regularly, patients avoid more complex dental issues and the exorbitant costs related to them.

Mental ill-health is not commonly associated with poor oral health yet studies have shown that patients with dental diseases like periodontitis are a strong indicator of mental disorders including dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s.

One of the reasons for patients being afraid of the dentist is that they are too embarrassed by the state of decay in their mouths. By seeking regular dental care including professional in-chair cleanings, patients will become more familiar with the dental environment. The more a patient makes consistent efforts to keep to their appointments, the more likely it will be that any dental issues they may have will be minor in nature, lessening their anxieties during these visits.

The benefits of visiting the dentist on a regular basis influence the health of the patient in innumerable ways. The impact of professional dental attention will impact a patient’s health in the now and in the future. To experience the benefits of an in-chair cleaning, give us a call at Nailsea Dental Practice and we will be happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

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