At Nailsea Dental Practice, we take enormous delight in being a patient-first dental clinic. What this means is that our dentist in Nailsea goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the comfort of our patients. It is a top priority to ensure that our patients remain at ease and relaxed during their visit to us.

Why is this of paramount importance? The main reason that professional dental attention is mandatory in order for a patient to secure the optimal health and function of their mouths. Without the care of a professional dentist in Nailsea, patients may find themselves at risk of all manner of dental problems and the resultant unwanted consequences. Dental decay may leave a patient unable to bite and chew properly. Gum disease opens the way for patients to lose their teeth as well as increases the threat to heart and lung health.

It is the undesirable repercussions for both dental and overall health that we urge nervous patients to seek best practice techniques to manage their anxieties when visiting the dentist in Nailsea.

In this post, we uncover some of the techniques patients have found most useful in coping with their dental anxieties.

Top ways to overcome dental fear

Right at the top of the list of coping strategies is to communicate to our dentist your fears and anxieties. Are you afraid of possible pain? We can adjust the use of anaesthesia to make treatment more comfortable.

Another is to ask questions. Much of the anxiety surrounding treatment is the unknown of what is to occur. Our dentist is more than happy to take the time to answer any questions patients may have about the treatment process.

The availability of sedation dental interventions. Patients may also opt for sedation dentistry to make their treatment sessions more comfortable. Our patients have a number of options to choose from gas, air and intravenous sedation depending on their level of anxiety.

Using relaxation techniques can offer immeasurable relief from anxiety. Deep breathing is of particular benefit and can be used no matter where the patient finds themselves. The technique is fairly simple and requires no other equipment.

The patient begins by inhaling deeply through the nose, making sure to count to five (or whatever number is most comfortable), holding the breath to the count of two or three and then releasing the breath through the mouth counting down from five.

Other common coping techniques used to great effect include taking a friend along to dental appointments, playing relaxing music and using guided imagery to direct one to happy thoughts while placed in the dental chair.

Dental anxiety places teeth and gums at risk of decay and disease. To minimise this risk it is important to seek quality care at a dental clinic that accommodates nervous patients. Our caring dentists at Nailsea Dental Practice are experienced in supporting nervous patients. Get the care you need at the hands of an understanding dentist, give our reception desk a call today to schedule an appointment.

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