If you trust and believe in someone you are more likely to bring them into your confidence. As a progressive dentist in Nailsea we are committed to giving our patients the best dental experience that is available. To achieve this we know that we must develop and retain the trust of our patients. We are a well-established family dentist in Nailsea and we have practised this philosophy with fantastic positive results. The relationship that we develop with each patient allows us to be perfectly candid with them.

It’s not all about looks

As a responsible dentist in Nailsea we advise our patients that their teeth are designed to perform a specific function in the first instance. That function is to reduce the food that we eat into manageable pieces so that our stomachs can digest what is received. Our mouths are, therefore, the gateway to our bodies and to keep our bodies healthy we must keep our mouths healthy. Of course  when we smile we want to produce a lovely set of pearly white teeth, but it is important to remember their primary function.

Providing all your dental care requirements

Our modern, well-equipped surgery is manned by a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to ensure that your teeth are well cared for throughout your lifetime. We recommend that you allow us to whiten your teeth if you wish to have this procedure, because we will apply the correct solution to them without harming your gums or your enamel.

Correcting misaligned teeth has become more targeted over the past few years and it is no longer a case of one appliance for all conditions. Advances in dental science and technology have resulted in some amazing collaborations that have produced incredible appliances. The original, uncomfortable looking and cumbersome metal dental braces that many of us can remember children wearing at school have been totally revamped and become more comfortable and efficient. In addition, tooth coloured and clear braces have been produced, as well as invisible ones that fit on the backs of the teeth. Dental aligners are another invention, they work by being fitted over the teeth like a gumshield. After careful examination of a patient’s dentition we can now recommend which straightening device will be most efficient in correcting a particular condition.

If you have teeth missing, dental implants have become the procedure of choice for many tooth loss problems. It is now possible to replace one tooth with a single implant or a full set of teeth with just four implants.

Dental care and more

We are pleased to also be able to conduct cancer mouth screening during our oral examinations so that any early problems of this nature are identified in time to be treated. We also understand that some patients would like to have facial treatments and we are pleased to be able to help in this regard. Our training in the skin, muscles and bones of the head and neck make us suitably qualified to offer aesthetic treatments. Our sterile treatment rooms are ideal for offering non-surgical, anti-wrinkle treatment to our patients who wish to pursue this form of treatment.

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