Sometimes we can feel like we are just another number in a busy world where we are all treated the same. As a progressive dentist in Nailsea we see our patients differently. We recognise that no two people are the same and that each individual has different needs.

Allowing patients to take ownership

Progressive dentistry implies that we are moving with the times and with our dentist in Nailsea we believe that we have taken a dynamic approach. Dentistry was always about the patient and as patients have become more knowledgeable about their health so we have adapted to this new situation. Our technique is to spend more time discussing and educating our patients about their conditions, thus allowing them to decide if the treatment that we recommend is going to achieve the results that they want. We encourage questions and want them to debate with us all the options that are available to them.

The more informed patients are, the lower their stress levels

Our experience as a dentist in Nailsea has been that the more information about a condition and treatment that we give our patient, the more relaxed that they become. Often stress and dental fear is caused by lack of knowledge and understanding. Personalising the dental experience helps to develop a healthy and trusting relationship which also aids in reducing dental anxiety.

One type does not fit all!

For many years, in decades past, the dental profession used only one type of brace to correct misaligned teeth. Many of our mature patients will remember a child at school who wore a metal brace that looked cumbersome and uncomfortable. Dental braces have seen a revolution in development and design. No longer does one type of brace correct every case of misalignment. The variety of appliances available now allows us to take a more targeted approach to these conditions.

Teeth are about more than just aesthetics

Our primary goal is to help our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums so that they retain their teeth for the duration of their lives. Our teeth perform a lot more than just a cosmetic function by providing a lovely smile. Their main purpose is to aid our bodies in maintaining overall wellbeing.

All the dental services you will need

We are here to provide you with all the dental services you will ever require from simple teeth whitening to dental implants. We are a family orientated dentist so we want to see all members of your family including the little ones. The sooner you bring them in, the earlier we can examine their mouths and identify any treatment they may require. This will help to reduce their dental visits throughout their lifetime. These days there is no need to suffer with dental misalignment, as there are many appliances that are also quite inconspicuous so that adults can benefit from having their teeth straightened discreetly.

Extra pampering

We understand that patients may feel the need to pamper themselves a little. Our training in the head muscles, bones and skin allows us to offer a variety of anti-wrinkle procedures in the safe, controlled environment of our sterile treatment rooms. So if it’s caring dental or aesthetic treatment that you require, we are here to help you.

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