If you are looking for a friendly, caring team of skilled dental clinicians with a range of skills that will enhance your smile, so that you can confidently beam without feeling self-conscious, then Nailsea Dental Practice is here waiting for your call. We stay abreast of modern techniques and advances in dental equipment to be able to deliver the services demanded of a modern dentist in Nailsea. Our initial meeting will centre around getting to know you as a person and what you expect from us as your dentist in Nailsea. Until we know you better we take the approach that you are a nervous patient. Often dental anxiety is a result of fearing the unknown, for this reason it is important for us to get to know you. We will help you to achieve your oral health ambitions by education and explanation, so that you are informed every step of the way during all procedures. We want you to be proud to display a broad radiant smile with confidence.

Oral healthcare promotes dental longevity

As with anything, applying regular and careful care and maintenance will help to preserve your teeth and gums. Regular six monthly visits to our dentist in Nailsea will allow us to help you maintain your oral health care regime and identify any problem that may manifest. We can attend to any that we identify before it can develop into a more serious problem. If you are a parent we encourage you to bring your children in to see us and introduce them to the friendly members of our team. Let your children become familiar with our surroundings and comfortable in our company. This will help them  to avoid developing dental anxiety later in life. A regular routine oral hygiene programme will help to ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy.

Strong, healthy, good-looking teeth

Our team offers a range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic treatments to keep your teeth healthy and looking good. If we can save a tooth we would prefer to, and to achieve this we can perform root canal therapy. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a tooth, our team can provide crowns, bridges or dentures. We are particularly aware of the additional care that pregnant women require because of the increased progesterone in their bodies. This can cause periodontal disease or pregnancy gingivitis. Good-looking teeth require regular cleaning and our hygienists will ensure that your teeth are maintained in the best possible condition. Teeth whitening can affect sensitive teeth and gums, but our team will create a solution and gum shields that are specifically designed for your teeth and gums to ensure that they are protected.

Not everyone has straight teeth

Some patients suffer from a variety of malocclusion problems and if you are one of these patients take confidence in the knowledge that we have embraced some of the latest technology to help correct your dental misalignment. To straighten teeth we can often use invisible aligners which are clear, thermoplastic, gum-shield-style appliances which fit over your teeth and are difficult to detect. You can, therefore, enjoy your teeth being treated unobtrusively.

Completing the process

As dentists we have special skills because as part of our training we learn about anatomy, in particular the bones and tissues of the face and neck. Once we have got to know each other, you can relax in the comfort of our safe treatment rooms and enjoy some additional facial aesthetics treatment. If you would like some facial rejuvenation then our well trained clinicians will deliver anti-wrinkle treatment to complement your radiant smile.

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