Most surgeries are partnered with dental labs for all of their prosthetics, such as crowns. We have taken it one step further by bringing manufacturing into our dentist in Nailsea. Let’s find out how it has affected our patients’ experiences.

Dental labs operate in a business-to-business-like way, carrying out manufacturing tasks on behalf of dental surgery; they are an interesting mix between medical and light manufacturing. The staff have been highly specialised in dental school, but with their noisy and dusty work, they have always been kept separate from dental surgery. However, with new technologies and in-clinic design options, there are new ways of meeting our patients’ needs.

3D scanning

Most dental prosthetics have very important interfacing services; this is certainly the case when we create crowns, as we use 3D scanning to create an extremely accurate recording of these interfacing surfaces. Therefore, rather than having to reduce the tooth down to a standard peg or another geometric shape, we can work to the edge of the decay, keeping as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Computer-aided design

The 3D model is used in a digital environment to design the necessary prosthetic interface and get a great perspective on what the finished prosthetic is going to look like. Any alterations required can be applied digitally at this stage, further reducing treatment time and ensuring that your prosthetic will mesh well with your natural teeth.

Computer-controlled manufacturing

The fabrication machine inside our clinic is a CNC mill that produces prosthetic elements from pre-manufactured porcelain composite blocks. We simply select the block that matches your natural enamel shade and use that!

The mill cuts in a systematic path, removing any unnecessary pieces of porcelain and leaving the finished prosthetic with a very fine milling piece. The finished prosthetic is immediately ready for installation without any post-processing and takes an in-situ polishing well.

Patient experience

From a patient’s perspective at our dentist in Nailsea, all this occurs under the hood. What they experience is a single appointment with a short wait between the two halves; during the first half, the decay is removed, and the 3D scan is taken; in the second, the finished crown is installed.

Needless to say, this has been popular, reducing our patients’ need to use temporary prosthetics and minimising the travel time to and from our clinic. We have also found it particularly helpful for patients with dental anxieties who prefer having their treatments completed with sedation within a single session rather than returning to the clinic after finding it challenging to attend in the first place. It is also cost-effective for our team, as we can get everything done in one setting, thus helping you have a more positive appointment with us!

If you’re looking for a local dentist in Nailsea who is always looking out for the newest procedures and convenience, please feel free to get in contact with us at Nailsea Dental Practice. We are currently accepting new patients and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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