In children, the startling sounds heard in the dental environment and the intrusive nature of dental treatments can make visiting the dentist in Nailsea a scary prospect. Many adults carry their dental anxieties into adulthood, preventing them from receiving professional care and enjoying optimal oral health and function.

Another common cause of dental anxiety in adults is prior unpleasant dental visits that they may have found to be painful. It is understandable how such poor patient experiences can lead to avoidance of the dental chair.

But it is vital that patients find ways to manage their anxieties in order to keep their oral health in check. At Nailsea Dental Practice, we are aware of the effects of dental phobia and so support our nervous patients with tried-and-tested techniques to manage their fears. If a patient is apprehensive about their appointment, we encourage them to make known their anxieties to our caring dentist in Nailsea.

We look at some of the ways that help patients manage their anxieties better so that they may keep their teeth and gums in excellent condition.

Best ways to manage dental fear

The very first thing we advise is to acknowledge one’s anxiety. It is only by acknowledging them that a patient will be ready to confront their fears and find ways to overcome them.

The next is to voice these anxieties to our dentist in Nailsea. Unless we are aware of a patient’s nervousness, we cannot support them and will not be able to suggest suitable management techniques we have available.

You are free to share any unpleasant experiences you may have had. In being a patient-first dental practice, we welcome questions from our patients. Having patients’ concerns addressed does a lot to put them at ease about the treatment they are due to receive.

Pain is often the cause of many of our patients’ fears. At any time during treatment, should a patient feel any pain, this should be made immediately known to our dentist so that we may take steps to address the pain.

Another management technique we have found to be really useful is mindfulness and deep breathing. These are well-known stress-relieving techniques. Deep breathing involves inhaling deeply through the nose, counting to four or five and then exhaling slowly through the mouth using the same number of counts.

The wonderful benefit of deep breathing is that it can be performed anywhere and at any time: on the drive to the dental clinic while waiting in the reception area or upon sitting in the dental chair.

Parents wishing to help their children develop a more positive attitude to dental care should first find a child-friendly dentist. Also important to observe are regular visits so that children can become familiar with the dental environment and the work a dentist does.

For a comfortable and pleasant dental appointment, choose Nailsea Dental Practice. We are a patient-first dental practice. Prioritise your dental health today and those of your loved ones. Give our office a call so that we may find a convenient date and time for you.

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