We at Nailsea Dental Practice are really proud to be a dental clinic that is focused on offering high-quality dental care to all families. We understand that for many little ones coming to see us, it can be a little more than a daunting task, but we want to encourage parents to make our dentist in Nailsea a regular part of their lives and build a strong and happy foundation for their children’s oral care in the future.

Why are children so scared of the dentist?

Now, this is a very broad statement, and we want to reassure new parents that we have seen lots of children who really are not scared of dentists at all. As a society, we are becoming more aware of the impact our own insecurities can have on our children; thus, we find more parents trying from the beginning to make dental clinics a positive place.

For a very long time, dental clinics were often portrayed in the media as being scary, bad or painful places. We all remember the dreadful dental chair on our favourite children’s programmes, but again, socially, we are becoming more aware of the content our children consume and are able to make better decisions in monitoring what they watch.

How can you bring positive vibes to your child’s next checkup

Firstly, you know your children best, so we trust that you will know which route is the best to go down when visiting our dentist in Nailsea. That being said, our practitioners have a wealth of experience managing the wibbles and wobbles of little ones, so taking care to listen to our dentist’s instructions can be a really useful tool.

Be aware of the language you use surrounding dental checkups. If you have previously had a bad experience with a dentist, then you could be subconsciously giving negative vibes or connotations regarding dental checkups to your children. It is really important to express positive language when discussing dentists and focus more on the fact that your children are being grown up and responsible for taking care of their teeth and overall health.

Practice going to the dentist; this might seem silly at first, but pretending to go to the dentist is a really clever tool you can use to encourage your children. You can get them to imagine waiting in the waiting room and even design your own dental chair. Get your children to practice giving you a checkup; they can ask you to open your mouth and count your teeth, and then you can do the same for them. This little game can aid in normalising what can, in the beginning, feel like a really invasive process.

Start them early. The sooner you can get your children to our dentist in Nailsea, the better it will be for their future dental health. If visiting us is part of their routine very early on, it will just become a completely normalised process for them and hopefully protect them against those terrible two tantrums.

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