Missing one or more teeth is completely normal, especially as we get older. Even if you’re younger, there are a number of reasons you might be missing teeth, ranging from injury or trauma to the general erosion of them. Our dentist in Nailsea can provide a variety of treatments to help restore missing teeth and will always assess cases on an individual basis. Here at Nailsea Dental Practice, we understand that everyone has individual circumstances and a unique set of teeth. By listening to our patients, we aim to provide quality patient care and a practice to feel at home in.

In this short article, our dentist in Nailsea will discuss the three ways that we can help to restore missing teeth, as well as touching on our options for chipped teeth.

Dental crowns

When you have broken teeth, they have been weakened by decay or they contain a very large filling, our dentist in Nailsea might suggest a dental crown as the treatment plan. We will begin by taking an impression of the tooth that needs restoring, before making your crown in a separate laboratory. The crown will be made to fit the tooth precisely, as well as matching those teeth beside it in both size, shape and colour. Once the tooth has been prepared, we will place the crown on top and ensure that it is fitted securely. If you have discoloured fillings and are aiming to improve their appearance, this may be the ideal treatment for you, but we will always advise on an individual basis. As well as this, if in the past you have had a root canal treatment, it is likely that you will require a crown to protect the restored tooth, to ensure that you can eat and bite down on it with confidence. We will touch on bridges and dentures below, but in some cases, crowns will be used to secure the aforementioned restoration firmly into the mouth.

Dental bridges

If there is more than one tooth that needs to be restored and there is an extensive amount of damage or restoration required, it is likely that we will suggest a dental bridge. Dental bridges offer a sturdy alternative to restore several teeth in a row, as well as giving a natural appearance and offering full function for chewing and eating. The bridges are made of a metal which allows them to have a solid structure and to be hard-wearing. For patients who require a bridge on their smile line, we will use porcelain on the base to allow for a more natural appearence. In some cases, where dental implants are required, bridges can be fixed to your jaw when several teeth next to each other are missing. It is important to keep on top of your oral hygiene routine when the bridge is fitted to avoid plaque building up and bad breath.


Another solution for multiple missing teeth is to use dentures. The dentures are made from hard-wearing material and will mimic the surrounding teeth and gums to provide that all important natural appearance. Dentures can often take some time to get used to, especially when eating and speaking, so it is important to take extra care of them and raise any concerns you might have with our dentist.

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