We pride ourselves on being a patient focused dental practice, where oral healthcare includes getting to know and understand you as an individual. Your oral health affects more than just your mouth and every treatment that we deliver takes this into consideration. Oral hygiene should be a priority for everyone to facilitate maintaining your teeth and gums. Displaying your teeth should be a natural action when you smile and you should be proud and confident, when you smile. Nailsea Dental Practice provides treatments to help you avoid feeling embarrassed when you smile. Sensitive teeth, bad breath and even mouth cancer can be combated by adopting a properly designed oral hygiene regime. As part of a preventive dental program we conduct a comprehensive examination of your mouth, which we recommend should be done annually. As a proactive dentist in Nailsea, we will discuss the condition of your mouth and if we have found anything that requires attention we will make you aware and advise you of the best course of action. Acting sooner rather than later is always the best option to maintain oral health.

Your gift to your children

If you have children, one of the best gifts that you can give them is to teach them the importance of proper regular oral health care. You can inspire your children by performing your own daily oral hygiene program. Bring your children into your dentist in Nailsea from an early age and let them get used to the environment, the unusual noises and smells. This will go a long way to helping them avoid the problem of dental anxiety when they are older. We will guide you on the best toothbrush for their mouth and we will back up your oral hygiene routine. The earlier that they develop the habit of taking care of their teeth, the longer they will be able to retain them. Regular six monthly checkups and cleaning by our hygienists provides that extra layer of protection and allows us to detect any manifesting problem, early.

Functional and engaging

We are a modern dentist in Nailsea ensuring that your dental functions are maintained while at the same time maintaining and where possible enhancing your aesthetic appearance. Modern technology provides us with a range of techniques and equipment to be able to correct common conditions, which may be a handicap to you achieving your ambitions. Dental misalignment is a common condition and we have corrected this condition for many patients. The range of dental braces and aligners available includes some which are made from a clear dental material making them difficult to detect. In the past wearing braces has been a deterrent for some patients to seek treatment for misaligned teeth. The dental aligners that we use removes this obstacle. We are able to show them an image of what their smile will look like after treatment to encourage them to enjoy the benefits of the treatment. If you have cracked or chipped teeth we can repair these with white composite filling, onlays and inlays. When you leave our dental practice we want you to have teeth that function as they should and that make you look and feel great.

Not only your mouth

Facial anatomy is an area in which we, as dentists, receive a great deal of training. We are therefore well qualified to be able to deliver non-surgical aesthetic treatments safely and with precision. As an added non dental treatment we offer a variety of anti-wrinkle procedures designed to help restore your youthful appearance.

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